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Māori Dictionary: Te Aka Online Dictionary

A comprehensive English-Māori/Māori-English Dictionary. 

Māori Dictionary


Te Whanake (Linked to the Māori Dictionary)

A set of textbooks, study guides, CDs, teachers' manuals and a dictionary for learning and teaching Māori language.

Te Whanake


Te Taura Whiri: Māori Language Commission

Online tools and information to help learn te reo Māori. 

Te Taura Whiri


Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

Facebook Page With resources for Māori Language Learning (Also an annual event endorsed be Te Taura Whiri).

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori


Māori for Grown Ups - Facebook Group

An encouraging community of te reo Māori language learners at all stages and competencies.

Māori For Grown Ups


A Māori Phrase a Day - Facebook Group 

An interactive group created by Hemi Kelly, who teaches easy phrases to use around the whare.

A Māori Phrase a Day


Ngā kete Kōrero 

A collection of Te Reo Māori e-books, available free to the public

Ngā Kete Kōrero


Let’s Learn Māori - Facebook

Promotes the use of the Maori language in daily life 

Lets Learn Māori


Maori Language Lessons (pronunciation).

Facebook Group 

Māori Language Lessons


Kāinga Rua

Māori Language learning Facebook page, created by Mataia Keepa. Lessons and videos to help with your Te reo Māori journey.

Kāinga Rua



IndigiShare aims to support whānau, through helping new and existing Māori SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) access small loans through a cooperative whānau to whānau structure.



Other language related resources can be found here