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Submission on Electricity Industry Amendment Bill

Pylons against the sky
Posted November 9, 2021

Executive Summary 

  1. The Salvation Army is supportive of the passing of this Bill into legislation. Our short submission will focus on three specific areas relevant to our mission and work in Aotearoa that are contained in the Bill – the consumer advocacy group, the role and power of the Electricity Authority (EA) regarding the Electricity Industry Participation Code (the Code), and the role of the Minister under this Bill. We are pleased to see the progress of this Bill and the Electricity Price Review (EPR) in general. We have engaged with the EPR particularly from the perspectives of vulnerable and lower-income people and whanau that often use our various Christian spiritual and social support services. The primary point of contact these people whanau have is through our national network of financial mentors and budgeters who engage with various financial hardship problems, including energy hardship. 


Photo by Fré Sonneveld on Unsplash