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Corrections Amendment Bill submission to Justice Committee

Lock on a jail cell door
Posted August 10, 2023


  1. Overall, we are generally supportive of the amendments set out in this Bill. The Salvation Army has already submitted to the Department of Correction’s (DOC) consultation on options to improve rehabilitation, reintegration, and safety outcomes. We refer the Justice Committee back to this submission because it contains valuable feedback from clients engaged with our national reintegration service. Our earlier submission contains key feedback and so it is worthwhile revisiting that submission rather than repeat the same findings in this current submission. The context DOC operates is indeed increasingly complex and difficult. Therefore, in our view, the changes in this Bill go in some way to improve safety and the rehabilitation and reintegration options available to prisoners.
  2. This Bill offers gradual, incremental improvements which we welcome. But some bold steps are needed as well in this space to ensure DOC staff and prisoners are safe and protected. The Bill is full of great intentions on paper. But to enact or fulfil these intentions requires enough DOC staff and investment in this staff to do their jobs well. Our understanding is that the DOC staff and system is extremely stretched. The good intentions of this Bill will not go far if there are not enough staff to do all this much needed work.

SPPU - Corrections Amendment Bill submission

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Date: 31 Jan 2024