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Consumer Care Guideline Consultation Submission

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Posted October 2, 2023


  • The Salvation Army Te Ope Whakaora welcomes this consultation seeking feedback from those affected by the actions of electricity retailers governed by the Consumer Care Guidelines (CCG). We strongly support strengthening the guidelines by making the requirements of the guidelines mandatory.
  • The Electricity Authority (EA) has indicated that Option 3 of the Consultation Paper is the preferred option. We support this option while noting further action is required to improve Consumer Care rules. Progressing Option 3 must be seen as a first step and not end the process of improving consumer protections.
  • People struggling to get by on low incomes receive overall the poorest service from electricity retailers while being in greatest need of this essential service. The EA must take further action to strengthen the requirements on retailers to meet their social license as required under the EA legislation to “protect the interests of domestic consumer… in relation to supply of electricity to those consumers” (Electricity Industry Act, Section 15(2).  

SPPU submission - Consumer Care Guidelines 2023

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Date: 31 Jan 2024